Machinae Supremacy

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Gerudo Valley (From "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time")
The New Colossus (Wolfenstein Rap)

Machinae Supremacy is a Swedish band that combines modern heavy metal, power metal and alternative rock with chiptunes. Self-defined as "SID metal", many of their songs use a SidStation that features the SID chip of the Commodore 64. They have released a considerable number of songs for free download on their site, 32 original recordings, with approximately 100,000 downloads a month. Deus Ex Machinae, the band's first commercial album was released in 2004 through the independent (and now defunct) MbD Records UK. The band is currently signed to Spinefarm Records, through which they released their second studio album, Redeemer in 2006, followed by Overworld in 2008, A View from the End of the World in 2010 and Rise of a Digital Nation in 2012. Their latest release was Phantom Shadow on 22 August 2014.