Leci Brandão

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Essa Tal Criatura (feat. Leci Brandão)
Gostei de São Luiz do Maranhão

Leci Brandão da Silva (Portuguese pronunciation: , Rio de Janeiro, September 12, 1944) is a Brazilian singer and composer of Brazilian Popular Music (Música Popular Brasileira or MPB). She is the daughter of Pérola Negra, one of the artists who pioneered in making the Brazilian pagode music popular throughout the land. Her performance of "Quero Sim" won the National Meeting of Samba Composers in 1973. One of Leci Brandão's latest performances was in 2005 with Raça Brasileira: 20 Anos (DVD: 'Raca Brasileira', rated NR, one hour/2005) with many other Brazilian samba greats (i.e. Beth Carvalho, Arlindo Cruz, Almir Guineto, etc.). As an African-Brazilian, a woman,and an artist, Leci Brandão has long taken opportunities to declare herself against racism and all other forms of discrimination. She has lent her name, voice and cache by performing in LGBT events against homophobia.