Grupo Fundo De Quintal

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Fada / Cheiro de Saudade (feat. Grupo Fundo de Quintal)
Pot Pourri: Chuá, Chuá / Fui Passear No Norte / Moema Morenou / Baiana Serrana / Serei Teu Iô-Iô / Vem Menina Moça

Grupo Fundo de Quintal or simply Fundo de Quintal (Backyard Group, roughly) is the name of an influential Samba band and movement which appeared in Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 1970s. They are considered the main proponents of the pagode genre which gave new life to samba in the 1980s. The original lineup was Almir Guineto, Jorge Aragão, Sombrinha (cavaco/acoustic-guitar), Neoci (the son of João da Baiana), Sereno (tan-tan), Ubirany (hand-repique) and Bira Presidente (pandeiro). Soon after the first record, Almir Guineto and Jorge Aragão left the group to follow solo career, being replaced by Arlindo Cruz and Cléber Augusto. The lineup with Arlindo Cruz and Sombrinha as the lead voices and songwriters (although all members sing and compose) is considered the basic group lineup. It lasted until 1993. Around then Arlindo Cruz and Sombrinha left the group, to be replaced by Mário Sérgio (from São Paulo) and Ronaldinho, which is the current lineup. Fundo de Quintal introduced new instruments such as the tan-tan, 4-string banjo and hand-repique, which gave samba a new sound. They also pushed samba forward harmonically with the use of some unusual chords. They are considered by many to be one of the most important groups of Brazilian music.