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The Nu Breed was founded by Anthony "Fate" Lynch during his first year at college. Keith "Tryfle" Hudson joined Fate shortly after when they were introduced to each other during a showcase performance. Hudson later signed on as the first Nu Breed Artist in 2004. The first release on The Nu Breed Music Group was Tryfle,' “Better Than You,” in 2004. The first full-length album released by The Nu Breed Music Group was Tryfle's "12/6/84" in December 2004. The following year The Nu Breed Roster increased by signing long-time friends Liam "Mozaliam" Taylor and Luis "Bux" Bodre. Since then The Nu Breed has signed high profile acts Rob Frank, J.Columbo, 642 and I-Z. In 2007 The Nu Breed Music Group Were Semi finalists in the disc makers Independent Music World Music Series. That year they were also featured on In January 2008 The Nu Breed was the first act featured on A music related website that showcases the talents emerging on the scene. In Late 2008 The Nu Breed Music Group Signed Harlem Entertainment Mogul Jayson "J-Didda" Butler and his Crezyrakk Records Imprint to a joint venture. A Nu Breed Compilation album entitled "The Nu Breed : Chapter 1", which showcases the talents of all the Nu Breed artist is planned to be released 2010. The Nu Breed Music Group recently created a website that keeps up to date with what is going on in the group.