Claire Watson

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Don Giovanni K527, Atto Secondo, Scena quarta: Recitativo: Calmetevi, idol mio! (Donna Ottavio/Donna Anna)
Don Giovanni K527, Atto Primo, Scena quarta, Finale: Bisogna aver coraggio (Donna Elvira/Don Ottavio/Donna Anna/Leporello/Don Giovanni)
Don Giovanni K527, Atto Primo, Scena quinta, Finale: Venite pur avanti (Leporello/Don Giovanni/Donna/Donna Elvira/Don Ottavio/Masetto/Zerlina)
Don Giovanni K527, Atto Primo, Scena prima, Recitativo & Duetto: Ma qual mai s'offre (Donna Anna/Don Ottavio)


Claire Watson (née McLamore) (February 3, 1927 - July 16, 1986) was an American soprano, particularly associated with Mozart and Richard Strauss roles. Born in New York City, she studied at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, and later privately with Elisabeth Schumann and Sergius Kagen, in New York. She then left for Europe, where she studied in Vienna with Otto Klemperer. She made her stag ...