Falling Up

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Falling Up is an American experimental rock band from Albany, Oregon. Falling Up formed in October 2001, and released their debut album called Crashings in 2004. They were signed to BEC Recordings until 2010 when they went independent. The band's name is derived from the first song they wrote, which refers to how imperfect people are, but how sufficient the grace of God is to compensate for it. In harmony with their name, their lyrics are heavily grace-themed. As well as going through several different band line-ups (with at least one different one per album), Falling Up has gone through several transformations in terms of musical style mainly due to a constantly changing line-up, in which certain members who played instruments on previous albums left the band. For example, the band's original turntablists, Andrew Wadlow and Michael Humphrey, left after their first two albums, which caused them to morph into a more electronic rock sound with the welcome of keyboardist Adam Taylor (who did not play turntables). With their debut, Crashings, the band introduced a nu metal-influenced style with raprock elements they referred to as "core-rock". Later on, Falling Up moved more in the direction of melodic rock, and experimented with electronic and synthetic music, which gradually morphed into an overall experimental rock sound. Currently, Falling Up describes their style as experimental rock, Ambient pop and Indie rock. As of 2015, lead singer Jessy Ribordy, bassist Jeremy Miller and drummer Josh Shroy are the only three original members of the band.