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María del Carmen García Galisteo (born 16 October 1930) was a popular Spanish actress, singer and TV presenter. Her film roles include Academy Award nominee La venganza, Buscando a Mónica (1962) and the 1956 French film Don Juan. Carmen Sevilla was born in Seville. She made her film début in 1948 in Jalisco Canta en Sevilla, She joy great famous in the make La revoltosa with Tony Leblanc. She played Mary Magdalene in Nicholas Ray's King of Kings. In 1972, she played Octavia in the English-language film Antony and Cleopatra, directed by Charlton Heston and in 1975 La muerte de un quinqui With Paul Naschy and Frank Braña. She received a Círculo de Escritores Cinematográficos (Cinema Writers Circle) lifetime award in 2004.