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Chouf (feat. Akhenaton)
Je suis Marseille (feat. Akhenaton, Jul, L'Algerino, Alonzo, Shurik'n, Fahar, SCH & Le Rat Luciano)
Bad Boys de Marseille
Bad boys de Marseille (feat. La Fonky Family & Shurik'n) [Part 2]
24 heures à vivre (Remasterisé) [feat. Akhenaton, Freeman, Le Rat Luciano & Pit Baccardi]

Philippe Fragione, better known by his stage name Akhenaton (born 17 September 1968, Marseille), is a French rapper and producer of French hip hop. He has also worked under the aliases Chill, AKH, Sentenza, and Spectre. He became famous as a member of the group IAM, and has since made a number of records, both with IAM and as a solo artist. Akhenaton has worked as a producer, producing songs for several French rappers and groups such as Passi, Stomy Bugsy, Fonky Family, Freeman (a fellow member of IAM who has since made his break as a solo artist), La Brigade, Le 3ème Œil, etc. He is the creator of the record label Côté Obscur, the publishing house La Cosca, and the vinyl record label 361.