Enzo Avitabile

27.1K Plays
Verità-sarà (feat. Hindi Zahra)
Nuie e ll' acqua (Live Version) [feat. Idir]
Rape ca t' è utèle (Live Version) [feat. Trilok Gurtu, Naseer Shamma, Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwala & Gerardo Nuñez]
De-Profundis (feat. Giorgia)
Abball' cu me (feat. Khaled)
Aizetè (Jungle Version)
Diva (prod. cashfloe) [feat. Enzo Avitabile & Nina Zilli]

Enzo Avitabile (born 1 March 1955 in Naples, Italy) is an Italian saxophonist and singer-songwriter. He plays a fusion of World music and Jazz fusion music, rooted in Neapolitan traditions and characteristic dialect. He tours with his band, going under the name of Enzo Avitabile & Bottari. Bottari is a traditional rhythm from southern Italy. It involves percussion elements such as wine barrels, wo ...