Enzo Avitabile

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Verità-sarà (feat. Hindi Zahra)
Nuie e ll' acqua (Live Version) [feat. Idir]
Rape ca t' è utèle (Live Version) [feat. Trilok Gurtu, Naseer Shamma, Ashraf Sharif Khan Poonchwala & Gerardo Nuñez]
De-Profundis (feat. Giorgia)
Abball' cu me (feat. Khaled)
Tic e tac (feat. Enzo Avitabile)
Show Some Compassion (with Chuck Rolando, Annalisa Minetti, Enzo Avitabile, Dodi Battaglia, Sarah Jane Morris, Jeff Cascaro, Alain Clarke, Paulo Gonzo, Nick the Nightfly, Luna, Omar)

Enzo Avitabile (born 1 March 1955 in Naples, Italy) is an Italian saxophonist and singer-songwriter. He plays a fusion of World music and Jazz fusion music, rooted in Neapolitan traditions and characteristic dialect. He tours with his band, going under the name of Enzo Avitabile & Bottari. Bottari is a traditional rhythm from southern Italy. It involves percussion elements such as wine barrels, wooden drums and the like. Avitabile keeps the Bottari culture in mind while experimenting with fusion Jazz (sax, trumpets, etc.). In the past he has collaborated with Pino Daniele, Edoardo Bennato, James Brown, and Tina Turner, among others. With his Bottari lineup, he was nominated for the prestigious 'Audience Award' in the 2005 BBC Awards for World Music. In 2012 he was the subject of Jonathan Demme's docu-movie Enzo Avitabile Music Life.