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خلاويص(مع أبو الليف)
أغسل مواعين
نفس الميعاد [مع سارة المنذر]
قبل مامشي(مع هاني الدقاق)
يللا نرقصهم(مع MTM)
قرمط اضطراري (فيلم قرمط بيتمرمط)

MTM, is an Egyptian hip-hop band. They are considered the pioneering Egyptian rap crew, as they put Egyptian rap into the spotlight releasing two albums: Omy Mesafra (My Mother is Travelling) in 2003, and Telephony Beyren (My Phone is Ringing) in 2004. Background M.T.M is composed of three members who met in 1997 in Alexandria, Egypt. The group name comes from the initials of the first name of s ...