Lollipop F

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Lollipop F (Mandarin name 棒棒堂, Japanese name ロリポップF, Korean name 롤리팝 F) is a Taiwanese Mandopop boy band gaining popularity throughout Asia. The group started off with six members, all chosen from Channel Taiwan's show 模范棒棒堂 (Bang Bang Tang, or BBT), a show which sought to create new male artistes in the entertainment business of Taiwan. Towards the end of 2009, it was announced that the group has split up, with members Liljay and Wang Zi leaving the group. In October 2010, the rest of the members, Owodog, A-Wei, Fabien and William, were regrouped to form Lollipop F, with 'F' representing "four", the number of members in their group, as well as their belief in continuing the Lollipop spirit "forever". Lollipop signed with EMI Music Taiwan on December 2, 2006 and released their first EP in January 2007. With Gold Label Records' acquisition of EMI Music Taiwan, Lollipop was signed under the label Gold Typhoon until 2013 when the group had a contractual dispute with the label. They then went on and signed with A Entertainment and Seed Music.