Adam Cohen

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To Love You (Instrumental) [feat. Adam Cohen]
I Think You Get What I Mean (feat. Riner Scivally, Craig Fundyga, Rich Fultineer, Adam Cohen & Sascha Dupont)
If I Only Had a Brain (feat. Sascha Dupont, Craig Fundyga, Rich Fultineer & Adam Cohen)

Adam Cohen (born September 18, 1972) is a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter. As a recording artist, he has released four major label albums, three in English and one in French. His album We Go Home was released on September 15, 2014. Currently residing in Los Angeles, he is also part of the pop-rock band Low Millions from California. He is singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen's son, and is also the ambassador of the Cohen family to art exhibits of Leonard Cohen Art, attending and doing press and media for openings around the world for his father's paintings and drawings.