Ruben Juarez

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Anoche (ft. Rubén Juárez ,Nicolás Ledesma ,Damián Torres Trío ,Ricardo Panisa ,Hermes Bálsamo ,Román Carballo )
Patio mío (ft. Rubén Juárez )
Man Is Not a Bird (ft. Rubén Juárez)

Rubén Juárez (5 November 1947 – 31 May 2010) was an Argentine bandoneonist and singer-songwriter of tango. Juárez studied the bandoneón from the age of six. In 1956 he entered in the Youth Orchestra of Club Atlético Independiente. He was born in Ballesteros, in the province of Córdoba on 5 November 1947 and raised in Avellaneda (south of Greater Buenos Aires). His corresponding studies of the guitar during his youth led him to integrate various rock bands into his repertoire. Years later he met the guitarist Héctor Arbello around the time that they both played together with Julio Sosa. Subsequently they formed a duo with and they began to tour around the country. When the bandoneonist Aníbal Troilo (1914–1975) went to watch him the first time, Rubén asked him to be his artistic godfather. On 2 June 1969 he recorded his first song with the label Odeón Para vos, canilla, and that was an immediate success. After a year, he was recruited by Nicolás Mancera to sing on his TV program Sábados Circulares. Since that time, he had acted in Argentina and abroad, and recorded songs with artists like Armando Pontier, Charly García, Pedro Aznar, Leopoldo Federico, Raúl Garello, Litto Nebbia, the guitarist Roberto Grela and José Colángelo. In later years he worked with the master Raúl Luzzi