The Fold

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Lego Ninjago WEEKEND WHIP (The Temporal Whip Remix)
Weekend Whip (Remastered Lego Ninjago Movie Edition)
The Time Is Now (Lego Ninjago Music from Hands of Time)
Lego Ninjago - Rise of the Vermillion (Lego Ninjago Music from Hands of Time)
Lego Ninjago WEEKEND WHIP (Radio Edit The Wicked Whip Remix) [feat. Castady Brothers]
Digital Love (a Pixane Tribute - Lego Ninjago)
Lego Ninjago WEEKEND WHIP (The Arcadian Whip Remix)
Rise of the Vermillion (Karaoke Version)

The Fold is an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They have released 4 full length albums and 2 EP's since 2006. The latest full-length, Moving Past, came out on October 15, 2013. Career highlights include reaching 3.5 million views on their YouTube channel, Secrets Keep You Sick was nominated for a Grammy in the category of “Best Recording Package” . Their single "Gravity" from the album Thi ...