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Quiero Enamorarte (feat. Cheka)

Cheka (real name David Lozada) is a reggaeton artist from Guayama, Puerto Rico. He was born in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, New York, where he lived 10 years until moving to Puerto Rico. In the island he started singing with the hopes of reaching the top. His first opportunity was with DJ Playero with whom he recorded two songs. This led to the signing with Illegal Life Records which at the time was the record label of Baby Rasta & Gringo. This led to a formed alliance with the duo and various dance hits. Cheka collaborated on the re-release split album of Baby Rasta & Gringo's Sentenciados in 2005. In 2006 he released his first solo album entitled Sin Rivales. The album reached a peak of 15 on the Billboard charts and has had various hits such as "Si Tú Te Vas".