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Détresse (feat. Dominick Farinacci)
Milonga Para Sonja

“ Their energetic performances radiate the joy of making music... — ALL ABOUT JAZZ, NEW YORK Emoción is a vibrant and unique multi-national act, comprised of 5 world-class musicians who simply aim to celebrate the universal power of music. Hailing from all four corners of the world (Peru, Lebanon, Germany, Belgium and Venezuela) Emoción wear their name well, as they invite you to experience a whirlwind of emotions through a rich multilingual repertoire. From classical roots and jazz to traditional and contemporary Latin rhythms, Emoción’s repertoire mesmerizes audiences, keeping them longing for more. Think Piazzolla covers, original milongas, rhythmic oriental pieces , French chanson, theatrics and South American folklore. Their versatile performances blend live instruments, video art projections and sometimes, the odd poetry reading, to bring that passion to a reflective state.