The Coral

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This Is The Place (Skeleton Key Remix) [feat. The Coral]
Black Star Dancing (Skeleton Key Remix) [feat. The Coral]

The Coral Reefer Band is the touring and recording band of American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett. Originally it was a fictional band consisting of the imaginary members Marvin Gardens, Kay Pasa, Al Vacado and Kitty Litter. The name "Coral Reefer" alludes to both coral reefs (in line with Buffett's tropical-themed music) and also "reefer," which is slang for marijuana. As of 2011, the band's line-up consists of: Other former members of the Coral Reefer Band include: Many artists have recorded and/or appeared on stage with Buffett, earning them status as honorary Coral Reefers. Some of the more notable names are listed here.