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Aline Lahoud was born March 2. She is the daughter of Lebanese singer Salwa Al Katrib (A cedar from Lebanon) and producer Nahi Lahoud and she's a member of a family full of artists (Mr Romeo Lahoud, Mme Papou Lahoud). After graduation, she enrolled in St. Joseph University IESAV (Institut des Etudes Scéniques et Audio Visuelles) and studied Communication Arts and obtained a BA degree in Communication Arts with a major in Screenplay and Directing Studies. ★ She worked as a radio broadcaster at VDL (Voice of Lebanon) from September till December 2001. She presented with her dad Mr. Nahi Lahoud a Talk Show, the program was called "Hiwar Al Ajyal". She also presented a program with Pere Joseph Soueid "Huras Al Alf Ltelet" on Telelumiere Tv and sang in radio commercials and implemented some voiceovers. ★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫ ★ Musical Career ♫ Aline started singing at the age of three and continued all throughout school, where she was chosen by her teachers to perform in various related events. Aline also participated in several plays, some of which were musicals: ★ - "Chassés croisés" in 1999, directed by Gérard Bejjani. ★ - "Ombres classiques" in 2001, directed by Gérard Bejjani. ★ - "La Plus Forte" in 2003, directed by Ayla Chahine. ★ - "Paroles et/ou Histoires" in 2004/2005, directed by Betty Taoutel Sfeir. ★ - "Blanche" in 2005, directed by Roula Waked. ★ September 2004 - Aline was chosen to represent Lebanon in the Mediterranean song contest in Turkey where she won the Fidof (Fédération Internationale de l'Organisation des Festivals) special award for outstanding performance on stage. The song she performed, "It's Over", was composed by Jad Rahbani. ★ January 2005 - Aline was chosen by the Lion's Jury to receive the Murex d'or for being the new talent of the year 2004. During the event, she performed a song composed by Roméo Lahoud, called "Main dans la Main". ★ 2005 – "Charles Trenet International Trophee" in France. ★ 2005 - Reflecting Lebanon's long-standing place in the international francophone orbit, the lyrics of the country's proposed first Eurovision entry were in French, a language in which Aline is fluent. The song was entitled "Quand tout s'enfuit", and as a debut entry would have begun its quest for victory in the semi-final on 19 May, from which only ten entries will progress to join the pre-qualified countries in the grand final on 21 May. The late decision to withdraw was taken after the Lebanese broadcasters conceded to the European Broadcasting Union that they could not guarantee they would uphold the fairness of the event by transmitting it without selective interruption, an implicit reference to the requirement of screening the performance of Shiri Maymon. ★ June 2013 – Aline was chosen by the Lion's Jury to receive the Murex d'or for being the Best Theatre Actress in 2012. ★ June 2014 - Aline won the MEMA Awards Trophy for the Talent of the year. ★ 2007 - A musical of Elias Rahbani "Al Andalus Jawharat Al Aalam " in Qatar. ★ 2009 - “Opera Ldayaa” with Assi Hellani in Festival international de Baalbeck" for Caracalla dance group ★ 2011/2012 – Among the judges of "Talent Teen" program on OTV channel. ★ February 2012 – “A’ Ard Lghajar” Musical Play by Ghadi Rahbani in Casino du Liban and in 2013 the Play went to Dubai where they had a great success. ★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫ ★ Acting career Doctor Hala, Al Taer El Maksour, Nihayate Helm, Abwab al Ghaym, Inaha Tahtalou Zakirati, Nadam, Casanova, Auberge, Al Ghaliboun, Al Rokya Al Thalitha, ★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫★♫ ★ Aline Songs ♫ ★ 2006 ♫ 11 Heures et quart: 1. État de survie 2. Une femme qui était moi 3. Pas d'panique 4. Autour de moi 5. Ce qui me plaît 6. Règne animal 7. 11 Heures et quart 8. Un homme sans femmes 9. Le sourire d'un loup ★ 2006 ♫ A Cd for Kids “My Juke Box” - It's Over ♫ 2004 - Quand Tout S'enfuit ♫ 2005 - I'm Willing Lord (Hymn) - El Layl Mahma Tal - Enta Ana - Habouk A’yuni ♫ 2009 - Zakerni B Esmak ♫ 2011 - Ba’sha’ Ruhik ♫ 2011 - Salam La Jeyshna ♫ 2012 - Bakkir Traktini ♫ 2013 - Inta ♫ 2013 - A'melt Li A'layi (My Way Arabic Version) ♫ 2014 - Mesh Hon ♫ 2014 - Ya 3eni 3akek ♫ 2016