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Prestige (feat. TLF & Vitaa)
Prestige (Radio Edit) [feat. TLF & Vitaa]
Marbella (ft. Tlf & L'algérino & Kalif)
Galaxie (ft. L'artiste)
Take it Back (feat. Rasy Sa)
Malambane (feat. TLF)
Change You (feat. Rasy)

TLF is a French rap band formed in the 2000s by two MCs from Val-de-Marne, namely Ikbal M'kouboi (known by his alias Ikbal Vockal) and by Alain 2 L'Ombre. In 2009, Alain 2 L'Ombre left the formation which was reformed on 2010 with Ikbal, Badoo, Yacouba and Edwige. For the TLF live tours in 2010 and 2011, three new members pitched in: Skalp, Awa Imani and Indila and eventually joined the group. Edwige quit in July 2011, and was replaced by Léa. Alain 2 L'Ombre rejoined in 2012.