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Dao Feng Music/Jonny Blu Music (USA) Jonny Blu is a singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Los Angeles, but made his professional debut into the music world in China. Jonny successfully entered the music scene in Hong Kong and became the first ever (Caucasian) non-Chinese pop star in the Chinese music world. From his first Mandarin Chinese Pop album Jonny Blu-On The Edge|藍強-刀鋒, Jonny's self-penned songs On The Edge|刀鋒, Crossroads|十子路口 and The Apology|對不起妳 were Top Ten hits in the Chinese Music and Music Video charts. He is now in the United States making waves in the Swing Pop world. With a style similar to that of Michael Bublé, Harry Connick Jr. and Jamie Cullum, in December 2006 Jonny released his debut swing/pop album In Just That Kind of a Mood, featuring mostly original songs written by Jonny. In June 2008, Jonny released an EP titled In A Groove also featuring new original songs written by Jonny and co-produced with LA based music producer, Myke Aaron. On September 8, 2009, Blu released his third studio album (in the U.S.), Taboo! (produced by Peer Music and with arrangements by Bob Malone) and is on tour promoting the album through 2010. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jonny was dually influenced by music and foreign languages. Coming from a very creative family—his father, Reuben Klamer, created the classic game The Game of Life and his mother, Shary Klamer (aka, Shary Richards) a former singer/actress/model—Jonny’s musical path was initiated at a very young age. He also showed a gift for writing and language early on (studying Spanish and Hebrew beginning at age eight), which eventually led him to study Chinese at the prestigious Peking University in Beijing during his college years at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After studying and traveling in China for two years, Blu returned to the States where he would soon go against the grain and combine these two skills. As the only non-Chinese artist, he entered a Chinese singing competition in Los Angeles on a whim. This random decision eventually led him back to China where his musical talent and fluency in Mandarin quickly saw him rise in the music world in China and ultimately become the first ever non-Chinese pop star. This career also led to a cameo role (as himself) in Disney’s blockbuster film “Princess Diaries 2”, singing (in Mandarin) “Miracles Happen,” for which Blu also received a RIAA Certified Gold record for his song on the Soundtrack.