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Don Errick Montra "Donny" Harper (born March 13, 1978), who goes by the stage name D-Maub (Dedicated to Making All Underestimaters Believers), is an American Christian hip hop musician. His first studio album, Timeline, came out in 2005, with One Route Entertainment. D-Maub's second studio album, The Release, came out in 2008, also with One Route. His third studio album, Urban Legend, came out in 2008, again with One Route. The subsequent two studio album's were released on Dedicated Records, with 2010's Inside Out, and his Billboard chart debut album,Death Before Dishonor, in 2011. His most recent album, The Missing Peace, was released with One Route, and it charted on a Billboard chart, in 2013. He is the current president of One Route Entertainment.