Kaiti Garbi

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Perasmena Xehasmena (Weina al Zeina)
Perasmena Xechasmena (Weina Al Zeina)
Se questo fosse un film (ft. Toto Cutugno)
Anime (feat. Kaiti Garbi & Maurizio Lauzi)

Universal Music Greece (2010–2011) Egea (2013) www.kaitigarbi.com.gr Katerina 'Katy' Garbi (Greek: Κατερίνα "Καίτη" Γαρμπή, pronounced ; born June 8, 1961, in Egaleo, Athens) is a Greek singer active in Greece and Cyprus, with some popularity in Turkey. Her career has spanned over 20 years and is marked by several multi-platinum releases. Garbi participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993 for ...