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Simon Kvamm (born 18 February 1975 in Silkeborg), is a Danish-Faroese actor and singer. He is most well known as member of the Danish rock band Nephew, where he is the lead vocalist and keyboard player. The band has had several hits in Denmark such as Igen og Igen, Superliga, En Wannabe Darth Vader and Movie Klip, which have won them several Danish national music awards. He also had a spell as a football player with Olympia Århus København. He is also known from the Danish comedy series Drengene fra Angora, where he plays the demented Dutch cyclist Pim de Keysersgracht, the motorcycle gang member Baune and the host Simon (when he's Simon, he's mainly himself). Simon credits his acting with helping to develop his stage persona and create songs. He considers himself a musician first and an actor on the side.