Burhan G

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Beyond Words (feat. Burhan G)
Mest Ondt (feat. Medina)
Jeg Vil Ha' Dig For Mig Selv
Tættere På Himlen (feat. Nik & Jay)

Burhan Genç Koç (pronounced ) known as Burhan G (born 20 June 1983) is a Danish R&B and pop singer, songwriter and producer. He has released three albums including Burhan G in 2010, and Din for evigt, both certified platinum in Denmark. He has had many singles including five No. 1 hits, "Mest ondt" featuring Medina, "Tættere på himlen" featuring Nik & Jay, "Din for evigt", "Kalder mig hjem" and "Karma" featuring L.O.C..