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Heatbeat is an Argentinian trance and electro house production duo that was formed in 2006 by Agustin Servente and Matias Chavez AKA Matias Faint (. They have been providing a number of hits since their arrival. Their most famous tracks to date are 'Paradise Garage', 'Ask The Angels’, 'Roses Never Cry', ‘Rocker Monster', 'Chow Mein', ‘Game Over', 'Aerys' and most recently 'Bloody Moon'. Implementing various Spanish-styled note sections into their tracks, their style of Trance is unique and identifiable. Signing on to the Armada record label started by famous Trance Artist Armin Van Buuren, their music reaches a widespread Trance audience. The group produces wide ranges of trance genres, including electro trance. As they produce various subgenres of trance, the group integrates their latest tracks and bootlegs of current song hits into their live sets.