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Roger Shah (aka DJ Shah, Sunlounger) is a German electronic music composer and producer. Roger Shah was born in Esslingen in southern Germany to a German mother and a Pakistani father. His brother Pedro del Mar, also a Trance DJ, hosts a bi-weekly vocal trance show called Mellomania. Roger first began to hit his production stride in his native country in 1999 putting out the tracks "Claps", "The Mission" & "Tides of Time". In 2003 his "High" release was signed by Virgin Records imprint Nebula. This marked his first non-domestic release, and over the course of the next 5 years he inked productions to a range of trance labels such as Black Hole Recordings, Anjunadeep Records and Vandit Records. Roger Shah has featured in DJ Mag Top 100 list 5 times, peaking at #21. He received a double EMPO nomination for Best Trance & Progressive DJ and Best Radio Show and an IDMA award nomination as break through artist in 2008. With more than 500 releases, his music videos watched about 90 million times and having played at the most important clubs such as Privilege Ibiza or Zouk in Singapore as well as at a lot of major festivals such as Ultra Music Festival in the olympic stadium in Seoul and many A State Of Trance events around the globe. As a producer he has worked with and produced for artists such as Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Sarah MacLachlan, Kosheen, Bryan Adams or Moya Brennan, whom is best known for her works with Hollywood producers like Hans Zimmer. As a classical music composer but coming from an EDM world he has also all abilities to do a next step in his career, he recently signed deals with some of the leading movie score/ trailer houses in Hollywood and started to work on orchestral cues for those companies. In 2007 Armin van Buuren named Shah’s "Who Will Find Me" release as his favourite track of 2007. Having heard the demo of its follow-up, Van Buuren saw crossover potential in the track and made contact in early 2008 to ask if Shah would like to collaborate on it. The result was the Chris Jones song ‘Going Wrong’ which reached number 5 in The Netherlands, the track went on to become one of the biggest selling trance singles of the year. From there Magic Island Records – Shah’s primary label moved from his own stable to that of one of Armin’s industry-leading Armada Music. An imprint for both Roger’s own material and that of like-minded producers, Magic Island releases have quickly become fixtures in the CDJs of the world’s biggest spinners. Notable up and coming names like Ralph Fritsch, DJ Cosmo, Kim Svard and Walsh & McAuley have all had releases on the label. Songbook released in 2008 was strongly received by both press and fans alike, it was praised for its innovative dual club mix and acoustic version approach. Singles taken from it like "Don’t Wake Me Up" and the aforementioned "Going Wrong" & "Who Will Find Me" (a Top 20 ASOT Tune of the Year in 2008) proved to be particularly popular. This was followed up by another solo album Openminded in 2011. Again this featured 2 CDs, one of club mixes and one of album mixes. In late 2008 Shah took the decision to change his artist name. Dropping the ‘DJ’ prefix, he revised it to Roger Shah – a move that signalled a move away from straightforward DJ sets. During live performance, Roger Shah frequently uses a wireless keyboard interface such as the M-Audio Oxygen 25 (25 key USB midi controller). Roger Shah has mentioned numerous times that he will perform with his laptop instead of CDs. In addition to his own name Roger has also produced under various other aliases. Notable among them are his ‘pka’ DJ Shah, High Noon at Salinas, Magic Island & Savannah. Shah is also one half of the Anjunabeats released act Purple Moods, Black Hole project Global Experience and ASOT’s Black Pearl, whose ’06 – ’09 spanning singles ‘Coral Sea’, ‘Java’, ‘Bounty Island’ and ‘Rise’ generated much additional interest in Shah’s solo productions. This project included the release of the ‘Another Day On The Terrace' album in 2008 which reached No.1 on Dutch iTunes’ ‘all-music-genres’ chart and spawned four singles: ‘In & Out’, ‘Aguas Blancas’, ‘Crawling’ & ‘White Sand’. The project become so celebrated that Roger expanded Sunlounger into a live act - a performance of which was featured on Armada’s ArminOnly DVD. It was this experience that he credited with his latter wholesale move into live Roger Shah performances. In 2009 Roger released the Sunlounger follow-up LP ‘Sunny Tales'. It's progeny singles included ‘Catwalk’, ‘Mediterranean Flower’, ‘Change Your Mind’ and the much-revered ‘Lost’ - voted as Tune of the Year for the 2008 A State of Trance radio show hosted by Armin van Buuren and numerous #1 airplay positions across the globe. His third album, The Beach Side of Life, was released in 2010. Shah’s compilation series has so far seen five outings (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012 & 2014). Encapsulating everything Shah stands for musically, their intrinsically White Island trance sound has sound-tracked an uncountable number of clubbers holidays. Roger typically uses the compilations as first-listen holders for future singles & collaborations with Vol.2 including ones with Signum, Judge Jules & Amanda O’Riordan and Tenishia. Broadcasting weekly, Magic Island – Music For Balearic People is a 2 hour radio show carried by the DI.FM station and is currently being syndicated to many other countries, most recently including Mexico and Jordan. Presented by Roger every Friday between 21.00 GMT (22:00 CET), it features melodic trance through the first hour with Balearic, Chillout and Dream Trance styles in the second hour. Shah has reworked tracks for legendary vocalists like Sarah McLachlan and Nadia Ali. He’s also remixed tunes for a litany of trance-masters including Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Mark Norman, York, Cosmic Gate, Josh Gabriel, Johan Gielen, System F, The Thrillseekers, Solarstone, Three Drives, Matt Darey & Oceanlab. Most recently Roger has rewired Andain’s ‘Beautiful Things ‘10’ and Richard Durand’s ‘Always The Sun’. 2000 Dj Shah - The Album 2008 Songbook 2011 Openminded 1999 Claps 1999 Commandments 2000 Riddim 2001 Tides of Time (feat. No Iron) 2002 High 2003 Sunday Morning 2004 Sunset Road (with York) 2006 Beautiful (Glimpse Of Heaven) (feat. Jan Johnston) 2007 Palmarosa 2007 Who Will Find Me (feat. Adrina Thorpe) 2008 Going Wrong (with Armin van Buuren feat. Chris Jones) 2008 Don't Wake Me Up (feat. Inger Hansen) 2008 Back to You (feat. Adrina Thorpe) 2009 You're So Cool (with Tenishia feat. Lorilee) 2009 To the Sky (with Chris Jones as Open Minded) 2009 I'm Not God (with Tenishia feat. Lorilee) 2009 Healesville Sanctuary (feat. Signum) 2010 Hold On (with Judge Jules feat. Amanda Angelic) 2010 Ancient World (with Signum) 2011 Morning Star (feat. Moya Brennan) 2012 Hide U (feat. Sian Kosheen) 2012 Shine (feat. Sian Kosheen) 2012 Perfect Love (with Fila feat. Adrina Thorpe) 2012 Dance With Me (feat. Inger Hansen) 2012 One Love (feat. Carla Werner) 2012 Island (feat. Adrina Thorpe) 2013 Higher than the Sun (feat. JES & Brian Laruso) 2014 One Life (feat. DJ Feel & Zara) 2014 No Brainer 2014 Without You (with Sied Van Riel feat. Jennifer Rene) 2014 The Namib (with Pierre Pienaar) 2014 Eye 2 Eye (with Aly & Fila Feat.Sylvia Tosun) <(#FSOE350 Anthem)> 2015 Louder (with Paul Van Dyk & Roger Shah feat Daphne Khoo) 2005 The Ultimate Chillout Collection 2008 Sunlounger Sessions 2008 Magic Island: Music For Balearic People 2009 Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 2 2010 Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 3 2010 Sunlounger – The Downtempo Edition 2012 Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 4 2014 Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 5 2015 Global Experience with Brian Laruso and Roger Shah 2015 Magic Island: Music For Balearic People Vol. 6 2008 'Nadia Ali' - Crash and Burn 2008 'Sunlounger & Cap Feat. Stephanie Asscher' - Heart Of The Sun 2009 'Richard Durand' - Always The Sun 2009 'Roger Shah & Tenishia' - You're So Cool 2009 'Roger Shah & Tenishia' - I'm Not God 2009 'Roger Shah & Signum' - Healesville Sanctuary 2009 'Ira Losco' - Shoulders Of Giants 2009 'Samara' - Verano 2010 'Andain' - Beautiful Things 2010 'Roger Shah & Signum' - Ancient World 2007 Another Day on the Terrace 2008 Sunny Tales 2010 The Beach Side of Life 2013 Balearic Beauty 2006 White Sand 2007 Aguas Blancas 2007 In & Out 2008 Crawling 2008 Catwalk / Mediterranean Flower 2008 Lost (feat. Zara) 2009 Change Your Mind (feat. Kyler England) 2010 Found (feat. Zara) 2010 Breaking Waves (feat. Inger Hansen) 2012 Try To Be Love (feat. Zara) 2013 Finca (feat. Rocking J) 2013 Balearic Beauty 2013 I'll Be Fine (feat. Alexandra Badoi) 2014 Surrender (feat. Chase) 2015 Sunkissed 2006 Bounty Island 2008 Coral Sea 2009 Java 2010 Rise 2010 Discovery 2015 Tagula Island 2006 Savannah La Mar 2009 Body Lotion 2010 Darling Harbour 2015 Global Experience 2005 Tennessee / Dakar 2006 Zanzibar / San Salvador 2007 Madras / Malaysia 2008 Koengen 2011 New Life 2014 Turtle Bay 2015 Louder 2006 'Brian Laruso' - Song For The Ocean 2006 'Mark Norman Presents Celine' - Colour My Eyes 2006 'Tiesto Feat. Maxi Jazz' - Dance4Life 2006 'North Dakota' - Superstring 2.6 2007 'Shane 54' - 1000 Lullabies 2007 'Johan Gielen' - Revelations -Right From My Heart- 2008 'High Noon At Salinas' - Celebration 2008 'Charles McThorn Feat. Elles De Graaf' - Winds Will Turn