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Lebanese musician, producer, and sound engineer Fadi Tabbal’s work consists of guitar pieces ranging from stripped acoustics to ambient and electronic-inspired treatments. Often referred to as “the hardest-working man in Lebanon’s alternative music scene,” Tabbal relocated to Beirut in 2006, following studies in sound engineering in Montreal, Canada; he promptly established Tunefork Studios, a specialized work-space which offers customized services including full band recordings, live sound, music production and composition. Tabbal a full-time member of several Lebanese bands: psychedelic rock band The Incompetents, punk band Scrambled Eggs, electronic duo Stress/Distress, and was previously part of pop group Safar, indie rock outfit Interbellum, and singer-songwriter Youmna Saba's project. His newest project The Bunny Tylers (with Charbel Haber) veers between drone, electronics, post-rock and noise rock. He has also collaborated with and produced some of the most renowned Lebanese and international acts in today’s contemporary alternative and oriental music scenes. In addition to handling engineering and production tasks at Tunefork Studios which he founded in 2006, Tabbal is a specialist in sound design and sound conception. He has worked on a variety of projects, including sound and music installations for museums, theatre, and film. He has also been teaching sound at the Académie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts since 2012.