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Bad Boy Joe (born Joe Marcano in Brooklyn, New York) is an Italian-American DJ, producer and remixer. He's best known for his megamixes, which appeared on Louie DeVito's NYC Underground Party, Dance Factory and Dance Divas mix series. He can be heard on WKTU from 5-6 and also on had a mixshow "The Megamix" every Saturday night from 11-midnight on Sirius Satellite Radio The Beat channel 36. After November 12, 2008, The Beat was replaced with BPM and is no longer on the channel. He also produces a series of shows and events for New York City's reigning Dance music station WKTU, more recently KTU's Beatstock. He owns his own record label entitled "What If Productions". In 1999, he finally got his big break after catching the eye of another DJ around the New York area Louie DeVito, who hired Joe to help him with his NYC Underground Party mix series before releasing his own series of mixed compilation albums.