Episode 51: A Preventative Measure

Episode 51: A Preventative Measure

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Episode 118: A Worldwide Impact

When you go to school and get a degree in a particular area of study, more than likely that is what you expect your career to be based around. However, the beauty of the life we live is the ability to pivot and really embrace what interests you the most.  For Matt, while he loved ...  Show more

Episode 117: A Healthy Collaboration

They say you are what you eat, but can the same be said in regards to what you drink? Well, Bassima and the ladies over at SkinTē certainly thought so! So much so, they decided to take matters into their own hands while still promoting health and beauty from the inside out.  Skin ...  Show more

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Today's episode is an interview from Jim Rome's podcast "The Reinvention Project". I am super fired up for you to hear valuable insight on the legitimacy of NFTs and the reality of where the internet takes them, the importance of good parenting, how to go all offense all the time ...  Show more

#71: The Impact of 'Grind Culture' on Young Entrepreneurs from a Psychotherapist – Tess Brigham
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In this episode, I spoke with Tess, a therapist and coach that focuses on improving the lives of young adults We spoke about: - Whether it is good to set high goals as young people, how to set them, or are we just setting ourselves up for anxiety in the future? - The negative eff ...  Show more

Money Buys Happiness

In today's episode, the boys go 1-on-1 for another HOSTS ONLY banger and chat about a variety of topics including: getting into the Apeverse, MBH NFT, calling out 6ixbuzz, hometown hatred, Elon Musk's effect on Twitter, Biden incompetence, Ryerson University & Dundas St ...  Show more

Episode 211: Why Podcasting Is a Smart Marketing Strategy for Businesses Today
The PR Maven Podcast

Building an audience is an old strategy in marketing. Did you know that Proctor & Gamble created soap operas so they could build an audience to buy their soap? That’s right. In the 1930s, P&G sponsored daytime serial dramas on the radio to advertise their products to housewives. ...  Show more