Events and Experiential Marketing

Events and Experiential Marketing

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The Independents: Opportunities and Challenges

Join us for this enlightening podcast as we hear from the region's independent agencies on some of the opportunities and challenges they have faced and how diversity and culture is essential in retaining talent. Host: Austyn Allison, Editor of Campaign ME. Guests: David Balfour, ...  Show more

Focus on Diversity: is advertising in the MENA perpetuating stereotypes

Join us in this informative podcast to discuss creating diversified content to diversified audiences and how it is becoming an imperative for brands. Host: Austyn Allison, Editor, Campaign ME Guests: Priya Sarma, Corporate Communication Manager, Unilever MENA & Sara Denby, Head o ...  Show more

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Episode 176: Choosing the Right Virtual Event for Your Business with Lisa Schulteis, Founder of ElectraLime Marketing
The DigitalMarketer Podcast

Events done right are engaging, trackable, replicable, and an incredible way to build your brand.     Lisa Schulteis, founder of ElectraLime Marketing, is an expert in event management. She helps people run virtual events in order to grow and scale their business, and she loves e ...  Show more

How To Produce A Standout Virtual Event To Super-Charge Your Marketing Efforts
Mobile Presence

From casual meetups with your key customers and prospects to in-depth webinars to share knowledge and best practice, in-person events are on hold - perhaps indefinitely. But your marketing strategy can’t wait. This is the time to reignite efforts and reimagine virtual events to d ...  Show more

A SampleCon 2021 Preview with Mary Draper

Welcome back to Intellicast! On today’s episode, EMI’s Network Quality Officer, Mary Draper, joins Brian Lamar and Producer Brian to give us a preview of SampleCon 2021.The episode kicks off with the three speculating on what it will be like since this will be the first in-person ...  Show more

22. Stories to Influence: Between Leading, Selling and Branding - Live Conversation with Jack Vincent and Patrick Simone
The Alame Podcast: Change Your Company

What does it take to influence people through stories? Are there commonalities between leadership, sales and branding storytelling? What can we learn from them to make bigger impact and get people take action? This is the topic of this new episode  was featured live on LinkedIn w ...  Show more