Episode 209 - Shamima Begum: ISIS & The Bethnal Green 3 - Part 1

Episode 209 - Shamima Begum: ISIS & The Bethn...

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Episode 326 - The Murder of Sarah Payne

Vanishing in seconds when her older brother turned away, 8-year-old Sarah Payne’s high-profile disappearance gripped the nation. But as mother and father begged for answers and hoped to see their little girl again, sadly it would leave a very different legacy.This truly heartbrea ...  Show more

Episode 325 - The Murder of Lynette Dawson - Part 2

The evidence against Chris Dawson was overwhelming from the start - so why did it take several investigations, 2 coronial enquiries and 40 years of agony for Lyon’s family for New South Wales police to even make an arrest?In our final episode on the murder of Lynette Dawson we di ...  Show more

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Episode 75: The trial of Irish 'ISIS bride' Lisa Smith
Crime World

An 'ISIS bride' lured to the Caliphate in fear of the fires of hell, a glamorous former radical who escaped Syria and unshackled herself from her extremist past and counter terrorism FBI agents called in after the fall of Raqqa. It sounds like the plot from a series of 'Homeland' ...  Show more

The Kill List Introduces: Bloodlines
The Kill List

From BBC Sounds and CBC Podcasts. Syria. 2018. ISIS is on the brink of defeat. A toddler disappears in the chaos. In London, his grandad needs answers. Poonam Taneja investigates. More episodes are available at: https://link.chtbl.com/YFFE2y84 

Darknet Diaries Presents: The Pentagon's Online War Against ISIS

On Cyber this week we bring you an episode from the podcast Darknet Diaries by Jack Rhysider. In 2016, America went to war against ISIS at the head of an international coalition. The U.S. sent ships, soldiers, and material to the Middle East to fight off the Islamic State. It als ...  Show more

The Hi-Fi Murders
True Crime All The Time

On April 22, 1974, five people were taken hostage at a Hi-Fi shop in Ogden, Utah, What ensued was one of the worst crimes to ever occur around that area. Hostages were tortured, some made to drink Drano, some were shot and some died. But no one was left unscathed.Join Mike and Gi ...  Show more