Back to School Blockchain Special : Lee W. McKnight

Back to School Blockchain Special : Lee W. Mc...

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#15 Ecotree 🌳 Offrir des arbres ? Parlons gestion foresière durable avec Annabelle Le Corfec !

This week we are more than happy to receive Annabelle Le Corfec for our HelloGrow Podcast hosted by our French host Mara Palis 🌟 In this episode, Annabelle Le Corfec, innovation manager at Ecotree, speaks about how you can nurtures sustainable timber forests of trees you owned!  ...  Show more

#14 Open Mind - The Art of Coaching 🧘🏻‍♀️ with Clarisse Pamies, CEO at Open Mind Neurotechnologies

Welcome back to another episode of HelloGrow Podcast! 👋  Today, we receive Clarisse Pamies, the CEO of Open Mind Neurotechnologies, a French company developing innovating solutions to improve well-being and efficiency at work using neurotechnologies. They aim to train people to ...  Show more

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