BOMBSHELL! Nurse Whistleblower Tells ALL (Vaccine Injuries, COVID Lies, Intentional Killing) - LEAKED ZOOM MEETING Catches Top Docs Scheming to LIE to Push False COVID Fear Narrative

BOMBSHELL! Nurse Whistleblower Tells ALL (Vac...

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EXCLUSIVE: Scott Quiner’s Texas Doctor, Voting Machines GONE, War With Putin and MORE!

Well, we have some very difficult news to bring you today. If you follow our Telegram, you’ve already seen it. Sadly, it’s my job to inform you that just a few days after escaping the clutches of “Mercy” Hospital in Minnesota, Scott Quiner passed away in Texas. His Doctor, Joseph ...  Show more

We are NAMING NAMES! The KILLER Doctors on Display! UK is FREE While U.S. Doctors Rounded Up and Doctor Says Organ Harvesting is Legit Threat

Meryl Nass is a doctor in Maine. She has twenty-five years of experience. She’s an expert on anthrax, and was a key investigator of a major anthrax outbreak in Rhodesia in the 1970s, which she convincingly argued was the product of biological warfare. But now, the state of Maine ...  Show more

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ER Nurse Exposes the Reality of Vaccine Mandate Damage | Kevin Surdi Interview
The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to emergency room nurse and congressional candidate Kevin Surdi about how New York’s vaccine mandate for health care workers has been a disaster for staffing and nurse burnout. This week the vaccine mandate for health care workers in NY took e ...  Show more

Coroner: Gabby Petito died by strangulation; Democrats divided on how to scale down Biden’s agenda; Texas governor bans all COVID vaccine mandates in state;
The Lead with Jake Tapper

CNN: autopsy reveals Gabby Petito died by “manual” strangulation; Laundrie family attorney reacts to cause of death, says “death at such a young age is a tragedy”; Coroner: state stature says only cause of death, manner will be released; Coroner: Petito’s body was outside in the ...  Show more

Top health officials warn about “aggressive” Delta variant; More hospitals are requiring staff to get covid vaccine; McCarthy balks after Pelosi vetoes two of his picks for 1/6 committee; Chicago mayo
The Lead with Jake Tapper

Biden health officials discussing changes to mask guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans; Growing number of towns reinstating mask mandates; Alabama Doctor: Seeing young people intubated due to covid “should be a gigantic wake up call”; Sources: Biden admin talking about revis ...  Show more

The Michael Savage Show

Toxic news of the day, including the new ‘OMICRON’ covid scare. Is Omicron being hyped? And why is Fauci still working for the U.S. government? Thanksgiving retail crime wave sweeps the nation, Biden crime family sweeps the nation, but no prosecutions in either case. Meanwhile ha ...  Show more