EP 68: How Self-Confidence Leads to Success ft.Tracy Lamourie

EP 68: How Self-Confidence Leads to Success f...

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EP 75: The Peace that starts within you. With our guests Mark Anthony King and Melody Garcia.

We cannot change how things are. How we interpret them, ultimately depends on our view of the world and on how we perceive them and what can we do to make a change in this world. “Peace is at every moment. Peace begins with yourself.”Melody Garcia, Global Influencer, Transformati ...  Show more

EP 74: Diversity and Inclusion with Jeff Le

Jeff Le has had a career at the highest levels of public policy and politics at the state, federal and international levels. A recognized thought leader in political advocacy and representation, his analysis and opinion-writing have been featured in The New York Times, POLITICO M ...  Show more

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EP 1: Make you proud- Mean

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#166: My Friend Has Coronavirus (& I Think I Do Too) - What It’s Really Like, The Symptoms + More w. Heloise Agostinelli

This is a super important topic so please keep that in mind while tuning into today's episode. Please no hate to Heloise for flying to the USA, and no hate to me for grocery shopping. We are doing the best we can with what we have. The safety of others is most important to us ...  Show more

#45: Morning Journaling / Gratitude / Motivation On Taking Control Of Your Life

In today's solo episode I get raw & real on my journaling habits. I read out to you what I wrote to myself this morning, and I get deep on why I've made the decision to stop acting like a victim. I talk through anxieties and stresses and how I'm dealing with all the c ...  Show more