Episode 3: Radio Tribute to Barney Bush Shawnee Poet, Writer, Educator

Episode 3: Radio Tribute to Barney Bush Shawn...

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Episode 5: "Looking For The Light" A Musical Journey With Irv Lyons Jr From Oneida Nation

From Moccasin Tracks radio show November 8, 2022 we talk with Irv Lyons Jr and highlight his music.  Irv is from the Oneida Nation and picked up the guitar at age 4.  Having a military career, it wasn't until he retired from the military when he again picked up the guitar and beg ...  Show more

Episode 4: Eastern Tribal Culture Is Alive A Conversation With Daryl Jamieson

In this edition of Moccasin Tracks we are honored to talk with a music maker and cultural "ambassador", Daryl Jamieson,  who shares his story in this conversation with host Deb Reger.  Founder of Eastern Medicine Singers and Black Eagle Productions, Daryl also is council Chief fo ...  Show more

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108. A Poem on Homelessness (for Cori Bush and up standers for the homeless)
The UPstander's Podcast with Dr. Omekongo

I wrote this poem to speak about the tragedy of homelessness in America. I applaud Representative Cori Bush and all activists working to change this. Congress needs to do better. The Senate needs to do better. President Biden needs to do better. We must ALL do better! This poem c ...  Show more

Episode 7: What Is My Place In The Universe with Evan Pritchard
D.Reger's Podcast

"Part of finding our place in the Universe has to do with realigning ourselves to Mother Earth and our fellow creatures with a much more enmeshed relationship with what we call the natural world which we are part of," says Evan Pritchard. Evan is teacher, researcher, writer and h ...  Show more

91. Dr. Seuss & "Cancel Culture" a conversation with Don Giordano
The UPstander's Podcast with Dr. Omekongo

I was a guest on 1210 WPHT radio with veteran radio host and former classroom teacher Don Giordano. He heard the radio and television interviews I did with Sean Hannity and wanted to have a deeper discussion. I really enjoyed being able to have a civil conversation about such a c ...  Show more

98. The Night Belongs To Us! (a poem for Take Back the Night)
The UPstander's Podcast with Dr. Omekongo

I wrote this poem in tribute to all the survivors and thrivers who are working every day to live their best lives after their worst day (or days). I share this poem to honor all who work as upstanders to end all forms of sexual abuse, assault, and overall violence. You will win. ...  Show more