Is a Multipolar World the Answer to U.S. Imperialism? w/ Vijay Prashad

Is a Multipolar World the Answer to U.S. Impe...

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How Empires Die: The Lesson of the British for the End of the ‘American Century’, w/ Sina Rahmani

The British Queen’s death has given rise to conversations about the crimes of colonialism as well as defenses and denials of it. Meanwhile the US can’t impose itself on the Global South the way it used to, it appears both at home and abroad to be an empire in decline.  To discuss ...  Show more

War on ‘Russian Disinformation’ is the New ‘War on Terror’ and Equally Fake w/ Ben Norton

To discuss the disinformation industry and how it's contributed to the collapse of foreign reporting in the West, Rania Khalek was joined by Ben Norton, a Latin America based journalist and founder of Multipolarista.  Ben’s article discussed in the episode: https://multipola ...  Show more

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Imperialism and the War in Ukraine
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NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Identified, Why the West's narrative on Russia-Ukraine Isn't Landing, CNN+ Bombs, And More: Rising 4.13.22

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Global Confrontation: The US, Russia, China, and a New Era
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