The future of edtech is infinite with Lamsa founder, Badr Ward

The future of edtech is infinite with Lamsa f...

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The future of finance for women in Pakistan with Oraan founder, Halima Iqbal

Today’s episode is with Halima Iqbal, the CEO and founder at Oraan, a financial company that helps women access financial services. A former investment banker and consultant with 8 years of experience, Halima moved back to Pakistan in 2017 after a decade in North America with a d ...  Show more

Creating a global solution for deskless workers, with Rami Darwish of Arrow Labs

Today’s episode is with Rami Darwish, the CEO and Founder of Arrow Labs. Rami is a technology industry veteran, who has 20 years experience in the sector. Before founding Arrow Labs in 2011, Rami held key technical and business roles in leading global technology corporations Dell ...  Show more

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After leading product & growth teams at Instacart, Wealthfront & LinkedIn, Elliot Shmukler is tackling zero to one as founder & CEO of Anomalo
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Today’s conversation is with Elliot Shmukler, founder and CEO of Anomalo, which is a platform that validates and documents all of your data. Elliot founded Anomalo after a storied career as a product and growth leader at some of the most interesting companies around. Most recentl ...  Show more

Developing the Workforce of the Future - Manale El Kareh
When Women Win

Manale focuses on the large transformation of Middle East governmental institutions, in particular the defence and education sectors. She also drives A.T. Kearney’s diversity and inclusion initiative for the Middle East, and heads the firm’s sustainability (social, economic and e ...  Show more

281 - Reimagining Online Content Communities - With Sid Yadav
The Futur with Chris Do

In this episode, host Chris Do sits down with Sid Yadav, the co-founder and CEO of Circle, a community platform for creators and brands, shares his entrepreneurial journey along with valuable lessons for success. Talking about the early days of Circle, he acknowledges the impact ...  Show more

The next test for edtech
McKinsey on Start-ups

Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 26:15) >  Since the pandemic began, educational technology (or edtech) and remote schooling have gained traction. Growing numbers of students and adults were initially forced to rely on virtual classes and teaching, and since then m ...  Show more