Creating a global solution for deskless workers, with Rami Darwish of Arrow Labs

Creating a global solution for deskless worke...

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Building an online classified company in Kuwait, with Tarek Sakr

Today’s episode is with Tarek Sakr, a seasoned CEO and tech entrepreneur with a proven track record of innovation, disruption and changing the status quo across the region. After a successful career in finance, Tarek followed his passion for tech and successfully founded and grew ...  Show more

An accelerator for female led startups leading the world of sustainability and impact

Today’s episode is with Katie Wachsberger, a co-founder of DANA, an Abu Dhabi based accelerator and funding platform for women-led startups in desert tech, including the sectors of agritech, foodtech, water solutions, renewable energy, circular economy, and waste management. DANA ...  Show more

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