Building an online classified company in Kuwait, with Tarek Sakr

Building an online classified company in Kuwa...

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An accelerator for female led startups leading the world of sustainability and impact

Today’s episode is with Katie Wachsberger, a co-founder of DANA, an Abu Dhabi based accelerator and funding platform for women-led startups in desert tech, including the sectors of agritech, foodtech, water solutions, renewable energy, circular economy, and waste management.    D ...  Show more

How to build a world-class wellness and health company with Vivoo founder Miray Tayfun

Today’s episode is with Miray Tayfun the co-founder and the CEO of Vivoo, an application based on urine data that delivers personal advice to the individual for a healthier lifestyle.    Miray graduated from Stanford postgraduate programs specializing in Go-to-Market Strategies a ...  Show more

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