Personal finance investing in the Middle East with Sarwa founder Nadine Mezher

Personal finance investing in the Middle East...

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Empowering global small business with crypto-powered payments

Today’s episode is with Amr Shady, who has two decades’ experience in building and scaling startups globally. He co-founded Tribal, a Silicon Valley-based crypto-powered payments and financing platform that helps emerging-market SMBs grow and compete in a global economy.    The c ...  Show more

Powering Gaza with solar-panels with Majd Mashharawi

Today’s episode is with Majd Mashharawi, a resident of war-torn Gaza, who observed the acute need for access to construction material in order to rebuild damaged buildings and infrastructure.    She strove to meet this need by founding GreenCake in 2015, a company that creates en ...  Show more

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#26 Nadine Mezher, Co-Founder of Sarwa on passive investing and building a fintech company
Conversations with Loulou

Nadine Mezher, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Sarwa, and her 2 partners Mark Chahwan and Jad Sayegh want to bring smart investing, trading and saving to the Middle East. In 2017 they launched, a venture backed fintech startup with US$25M in funding to date. Sa ...  Show more

Elie Irani talks building wealth through passive investments

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My guest this week is Anu Hariharan. Anu is a partner at Y-Combinator's Continuity Fund where she focuses on growth investing. Before YC, Anu was an Investment Partner at Andreesen Horowitz where she worked with portfolio companies Airbnb, Instacart, Medium and Udacity. In this c ...  Show more

Meet Sarwa Capital: the 20-year-old startup quietly building the infrastructure of consumer finance (Ep 5)
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Hazem Moussa will forgive you if you’ve never heard of Sarwa Capital, because unless you’re a finance geek (like us), Sarwa is hardly a company whose name you’ll hear every day — even though there’s a reasonable chance Sarwa has been involved in your financial life one way or ano ...  Show more

Nour Arida talks about entrepreneurship and financial empowerment amongst Arab women

“You can be a mother and you can have a job.”In this episode of #MySarwaStory, we sit down with Nour Arida – one of the most recognized female Arab faces across the Middle East.Nour is a corporate fashion buyer turned entrepreneur. On the show, we cover:How Nour pivoted from havi ...  Show more