Attorney Todd Callender: The Vax Genocide Has Likely Killed a Billion People

Attorney Todd Callender: The Vax Genocide Has...

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Christina Bobb: Together We Win

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Christina Bobb, who is a former U.S. Marine, an investigative reporter, and is currently a lawyer working with Trump's battle against Democrats' lawfare. Ms. Bobb said we are witnesses to an age in which many powerful politicians have decided that ...  Show more

Clown News Networks with Harrison Kakos

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Mr. Harrison Kakos, who is training to be a lawyer. Mr. Kakos is an Iraqi-Catholic who was born in the United States. Mr. Kakos expressed his concerns about what appears to many to be the collapse of American society. He argues that despite the spe ...  Show more

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A lot has changed since the last time Glenn sat down with “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe. Over the last two years of pandemic, Glenn and Mike agree that many Americans have gotten way too afraid of taking risks. As the government insists that compliance with “The Science” will prote ...  Show more

Mon 22Aug22 Human Clones for Spare Parts, War Escalates with Political Assassinations, Biometric ID for Personal Carbon Taxes
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* Human embryo clones for spare parts — "ethical" they say, because they're bred without heads! * "Green Police" in France, "Covid Cops" in Brazil — armies of domestic militarized "MacGuffin Cops" to ensure compliance are springing up globally * Dad accused by Google AI of kid po ...  Show more

30Sep22 Vaccination by Mosquitos "Comes Out of the Closet", NPR Cheers
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* Targeted biowarfare against key individuals in the military: Lost in the novelty of the country's first transgender Army officer turning traitor is that he was collecting DNA info on officers and special forces to give to Russia * Windbags use tragedy of hurricane Ian to push t ...  Show more

Democrat’s Illegal Medical Experiments On Prisoners: Why Is Jay Inslee Hiding The Records? - Episode 115 - Hour 1 Illegal Medical Experiment
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THE THESIS: The dictator of Washington State, Jay Inslee must be well aware his injection diktats injured and killed people. So, is that why he and his fraudulent, law-hating “attorney general” are suppressing information about the government’s illegal medical experiments on pris ...  Show more