Landing Butter Side Up and Living A Super Awesome Life with Jane Enright l DSS18

Landing Butter Side Up and Living A Super Awe...

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Disconnected and loneliness what technology has done for dating

In today's episode, I have a very special guest on the show. My former client Anna is joining me again this time to discuss Disconnection and relationships and how to reconnect to yourself after being disconnected Like everything we try to overcome it takes time to get yourself i ...  Show more

The Effects of Childhood Trauma in Our Adult Relationships

Today's episode I talk about childhood trauma and the way it shows up in your adult relationships. Shifting to the idea of reactive violence, and how that is intensified with past trauma victims. I discuss Domestic violence from my experience and what that looked like for me. Wit ...  Show more

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FHTG Ep. 19 - Real World Life Experience Tips for Common People feat. Asher Tchoua
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The Ultimate Women’s Empowerment Company | YATS89
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