WHAT'S NEXT for Egypt's FINTECH sector

WHAT'S NEXT for Egypt's FINTECH sector

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The Enterprise Podcast talks education and CIRA’s evolution into CIRA Education with CEO Mohamed El Kalla

How CIRA evolved into a fully vertically-integrated, multifaceted, education platform and became CIRA Education: Since its founding in 1993, Egypt’s largest listed private sector education company, CIRA Education (formerly just CIRA), weathered many storms and challenges to the s ...  Show more

SPOTLIGHT- How to make Somabay a first-home destination with ASDC CEO Ibrahim El Messiri

How ASDC is transforming Somabay to a first-home destination: When Somabay first emerged as a tourist destination over two decades ago, it had little to offer other than its gorgeous 11-km coastline with a five-and-a-half km sandy beach. Fast forward to today and developer Abu So ...  Show more

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Couchonomics with Arjun

In terms of fintech adoption, Egypt has been a little slow on the take compared to other nations. However, companies like ValU are changing that.As innovative companies and dynamic leaders forge a path to the future, Egypt emerges as one of the most exciting regions on the fintec ...  Show more

EP19 MENA Region – A heaven for angel investors? | with Gaurav Dhar, Marshal
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In 2021, emerging venture markets in the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and Turkey saw record-breaking activity levels in the investment space. As 2022 forges ahead, we can expect to see another year of unprecedented investment activity in these regions despite turbulence in the g ...  Show more

Where preparation meets opportunity: How TPay Mobile put Egypt on the Fintech map (Ep 11)
Making It

Sahar Salama, Founder and CEO of TPay Mobile In a country with low banking penetration and high mobile adoption, Sahar Salama saw a business opportunity in creating a payment solution through telecom operators. She used her experience at Link Development to create a direct operat ...  Show more

EP25 The Future of Fintech | Abdullah Al-Othman, Founder & Chairman of Geidea
Couchonomics with Arjun

Abdullah Al-Othman joins us on the couch today to share his views on an ever-evolving fintech landscape. As the founder of Geidea, one of Saudi Arabia’s leading fintech companies, Abdullah’s first order of business is to solve a small mystery for us: what does the name Geidea mea ...  Show more

605. Insights: Looking ahead to the future of fintech in UAE
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Our expert hosts, Benjamin Ensor and Tristan Brandt, are joined by some great guests to delve into the fintech landscape in UAE. The Middle East is home to a number of exciting fintech companies and the UAE has rapidly established itself as a leading hub for fintech startups in t ...  Show more