High Altitude: How Skydiving Can Teach You to Face Your Fears

High Altitude: How Skydiving Can Teach You to...

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Altered state: Making it through the storm

‏Dolores Shelleh was the first Jordanian woman to summit Mount Everest in 2019, a year which marked many deadly expeditions. In an interview recorded from Serbia, Dolores talks about the tragedy she witnessed on the mountain and her struggle to readjust to the mundane routine and ...  Show more

High Altitude: How Skydiving Can Teach You to Face Your Fears

‏Nicole Smith Ludvik is a professional skydiver, stuntwoman, yoga instructor, social media influencer and emerging motivational speaker. She explains how she ended up on top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai as the star of an Emirates airline campaign that went viral, talks about her ...  Show more

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