Sachinn J Laala, CEO at Liquid

Sachinn J Laala, CEO at Liquid

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Jad Hamadeh, Founder & CEO at HD Smartglass

Today we're joined by Jad Hamadeh, the founder and CEO of HD Smartglass. A UAE based Glass, Aluminium and Smart Products and Services Company. Executing projects in and around the UAE since 2009, with its services spread into design, fabrication and installation of Glass, Al ...  Show more

Matt Toogood, Co-Founder of Raw Coffee

On today's episode of Dubai Works, were joined by Matt TooGood, the co-founder of Raw Coffee Company. The UAE’s first roastery to offer 100% organic and fair-trade coffee. Zoning in on sustainability, they've cut the use of plastic, water, and chemicals in the productio ...  Show more

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Sacha Haider at Global Ventures

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