"Dreamers sometimes feel alone" V2V Interview featuring Richard Blank

"Dreamers sometimes feel alone" V2V Interview...

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"Balancing Act: Writing through a Bipolar life" V2V Interview featuring Kitt O'Malley

Kitt O'Malley, author of "Balancing Act: Writing Through a Bipolar Life," is a mental health advocate, public speaker, and former psychotherapist who lives with bipolar disorder. Both her personal experience and clinical background inform her advocacy and enable her both to ...  Show more

"Don't become a victim of yourself" V2V interview featuring Agi Mooy

 Agi Mooy ticks all the boxes not to be successful, living through fear of loneliness in the World, divorced age 20 with a 12 month old Son, then losing her Brother (best friend) and Mother age 28. Moving into her 30’s and her 2nd Husband committing suicide’ now with another 2 ye ...  Show more

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