BerytechBeat | Podcast #1: Yusr Sabra, Cofounder & CEO of Wakilni

BerytechBeat | Podcast #1: Yusr Sabra, Cofoun...

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BerytechBeat | Podcast #5: Richardos Lebbos, Cofounder & CEO of Startchy

In this episode of the BerytechBeat, we host Richardos Lebbos, Co-founder of Startchy. Richardos talks about the birth of his innovation in a university lab and how he was able to turn it into a viable commercial solution and scale his startup to the USA where he now works with m ...  Show more

BerytechBeat | Podcast #4: Corine Kiame, Chief Investment Officer at IM Fndng

The BerytechBeat chats with Corine Kiame, Chief Investment Officer at IM Fndng. Corine walks us through her journey in finding her true passion for finance at a very young age, learning how to operate in crisis early in her career, and growing her insensitivity to numbers. She gi ...  Show more

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