Ep. 92 ~ Guest David Chametzky - Swing For Your Sweet Spot

Ep. 92 ~ Guest David Chametzky - Swing For Yo...

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Ep. 108 ~ Sid McNairy - Finding Your Yes

Sid McNairy is a passionate advocate for world peace, with a diverse background that includes coaching football, teaching yoga, and even considering a run for presidency. Since 2010, Sid has been on a journey to promote peace, a mission that was inspired by his own personal pursu ...  Show more

Ep. 107 ~ Meilin Ehlke - The river Danube inspires

The region's rich history and captivating landscapes are evident in the tower that stands on the hill in Bad Abbach. Meilin Ehlke mentions that the tower was once inhabited by Heinrich II, who became king of Germany and Italy, and later Emperor. The stones of the tower have witne ...  Show more