BerytechBeat | Podcast #7: Alain Bejjani - Former CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Holding

BerytechBeat | Podcast #7: Alain Bejjani - Fo...

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BerytechBeat | Podcast #11: Naim Nasreddine, Co-Founder of Gozilla

Listen to Naim Nasreddine as he talks about his multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, the journey that led him to founding Gozilla, and how he employs his experience to help others in their journey. 

BerytechBeat | Podcast #10: Rabih El Chaar, Co-founder of Nadeera

With its digital solutions, Needara has closed the gap in the waste value chain, from collecting to valorization and recycling. Its gamified solution, Yalla Return, allows people to convert their recyclables to cash, while its newest developed solution, Relist, creates a transpar ...  Show more

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