HANDSELL: Ep. 19, Abigail Paxton, "Storyhouse Bookpub" w/ Lance Morgan

HANDSELL: Ep. 19, Abigail Paxton, "Storyhouse...

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LIVE ON CROWDCAST: María Sánchez, ”LAND OF WOMEN” w/ Curtis Bauer

María Sánchez is obsessed with what she cannot see. As a field veterinarian following in the footsteps of generations before her, she travels the countryside of Spain bearing witness to a life eroding before her eyes--words, practices, and people slipping away because of depopula ...  Show more

LIVE ON CROWDCAST: Angel Dominguez, ”DESGRACIADO” w/ Sesshu Foster

In Desgraciado, Angel Dominguez navigates language and memory to illuminate the ongoing traumas of misremembered and missing histories and their lasting impacts. Dominguez unravels a critical and tender language of lived experience in letters addressed to their ancestral oppresso ...  Show more

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